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Integrative Pediatric Therapy

Every child is unique, so we provide a wide array of services 
that can be combined for just the right fit for your child's needs.


Internationally recognized Pediatric Physical Therapist, Sensory Integration Specialist, Author and Child Advocate Sally Fryer Dietz, has helped thousands of children build better lives for more than 30 years.

Sally founded Integrative Pediatric Therapy in 1994, when her oldest son began showing signs of a learning difference. Unable to find a clinic that provided a wide range and combination of effective therapies, she opened IPT so that her son and other children could receive the help they needed in a motivating and supportive environment.

Sally's on-going commitment to provide the best integrated therapies tailored to each child's specific needs and goals, have made IPT one of the most comprehensive and successful private pediatric clinics in North Texas.

Sally Fryer Dietz in Office

"I have successful students and grateful parents who speak enthusiastically about their children's successes after being referred to IPT." - Katherine Lunde


As an out-of-the-box thinker, Sally Fryer Dietz, has played significant roles in many medical advancements throughout her career.

Seen on Oprah, Dateline NBC, Discovery Health, and international news programs throughout the world, Sally's innovative treatment plan as lead physical therapist for conjoined Egyptian twins Ahmed and Mohammed Ibrahim, was critical to their successful surgical separation. Renowned Craniofacial Surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Salyer said, "Sally's use of traditional and complementary therapeutic modalities greatly enhanced the twin's immune systems and developmental growth before surgery, and produced accelerated healing and rehabilitation after separation."

President Ronald Reagan honored Sally at a White House Reception in the Oval Office in 1985, for her work as lead therapist on one of California's first pediatric heart transplant teams. Sally attended the reception with patient Donna Ashlock, whose story received international attention after it was discovered that she had received the heart of a close friend. Sally was also recognized for developing the first cardiac rehabilitation therapy protocol for pediatric heart transplant patients at California Pacific Medical Center, where she worked for 10 years before moving to Dallas.

While serving on the American Heart Association's Youth Education Committee in San Francisco, Sally led the development of "Future Fit," one of the first programs in the U.S. designed to educate school children on heart health and aerobic exercise.

Sally teaches and lectures locally, nationally and internationally, on sensory integration, CranioSacral Therapy, identifying developmental "red flags," and the effectiveness of integrating traditional and alternative treatment methods to meet the needs of each child.

Sally received her Doctorate in Pediatric Physical Therapy from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas in 2016, her Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of California San Francisco, School of Medicine in 1980, and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development from San Diego State University in 1979. She is licensed to practice physical therapy in both Texas and California.

She is certified in Sensory Integration and Praxis Testing (SIPT), and has Technique and Diplomat Certification in CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute in Florida. In addition, she is trained in visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage, vestibular and concussion rehabilitation, Dynavision, Biodex and several listening therapy programs.

"Sally Fryer Dietz has guided our family through every stage of development using CranioSacral Therapy, Sensory Integration and Speech Therapy. We are grateful!" -- Sheila

Sally Fryer Dietz with infant


Author of "When Kids Fly! Solutions for Children with Sensory Integration Challenges", (2015), Minneapolis, Bascom Hill Publishing. Filled with insights from Sally's years of physical and sensory integration therapy, When Kids Fly was written for parents, grandparents and teachers, to help them figure out when to worry or not about a child’s development and what they can do about it. To learn more or to order a copy see


Sally is married to businessman Mark Dietz, and is the proud mother of two adult sons and three grown step children. Duke, a playful Labradoodle therapy dog in training, lives with Sally and Mark in Dallas.

Sally loves to travel, teach, and learn, and has been all over the world doing just that. She is an avid cyclist, photographer and gardener. Other favorite activities include yoga, fly fishing, relaxing on the beach and spending time with family and friends.