Baseline for Balance
and the Brain

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The Biodex Balance System captures and measures core balance information, providing a baseline for training, recovery and ultimately a return to activity.

What is Biodex?

The Biodex Balance System is designed to help improve balance, increase agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies. The Balance System is extremely versatile and is the only system that provides a fast, accurate objective balance assessment component to a concussion management program.

Training on the Biodex Balance System also enhances kinesthetic abilities and can help counter impaired proprioceptive reflex mechanisms following injury. Using this device, IPT therapists can assess neuromuscular control by measuring the ability to maintain balance and postural stability on both static and unstable surfaces.

Sally Fryer Dietz Teaching Interactive Metronome

A patient’s pre- and post-injury information is stored, generating reports that aid in the recovery process and return to activities.

Biodex and Concussion Therapy

Biodex is a sophisticated tool used for balance testing kids who have experienced some sort of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or concussion. Balance testing is a key component of “Best Practice” for concussion treatment, endorsed by authorities treating school-aged children. Biodex establishes a “baseline” test of balance, which is essential to the recovery and prevention of future concussions. The test only takes minutes, yet it provides valuable information which can be applied to post-injury evaluation and rehabilitation. Should a concussion occur, athletes are retested and results are compared to the baseline as well as to age- and gender-specific normative data.

As a patient recovers, results of therapy are compared to the baseline to create a comparison report that can be used to determine the patient readiness to return to school, sports and other activities. The Biodex Balance Assessment uses results from a patient’s balance, motor control and dizziness to help determine readiness.

Biodex along with guidance provided by a trained IPT therapist can dramatically aid in the healing process and provide beneficial post-injury testing.

Sally Fryer Dietz Teaching Interactive Metronome