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Dynavision : Dynavision D2 and the new R2D are light based tools used to train peripheral awareness, eye-hand coordination and visual reaction time for increased athletic performance, fall and concussion prevention as well as assessment and recovery from head injury.

What is Dynavision?

The Dynavision D2 is a training and evaluation tool that uses a user's reaction to light to train peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination and visual reaction time. It also improves attention, concentration and cognitive functioning skills. A user sees the light, feels the button when pressed, and hears the beep, training each of the three senses in an integrated function.

Users training with Dynavision enjoy the benefits of improved ocular-motor control, visual motor skills, attention, focus, cognition and improved overall coordination. This can lead to better performance in the classroom as well as improved athletic performance and safety on the field.

Dynavision therapist and patient

A 4 year study showed that athletes who trained on Dynavision were better able to avoid blindside collisions, reducing the incidence of head injury.

Dynavision in Concussion Therapy

Recent research points to decreased ocular-motor awareness as a contributing factor to sports related injuries that occur today, including concussions. Today, children and adults spend too much time converging their focus on iPhones, iPads, Xboxes and other “devices”, which can lead to an underdeveloped sense of peripheral vision contributing to accidents and injury.

Using Dynavision’s programs, IPT physical and occupational therapists can record a baseline performance for children and adults. This provides an ideal basis for evaluating the effects of a subsequent head injury or concussion. The data allows therapists to develop a recovery program as well as a way to monitor recovery progress and providing a reliable way to know when activities can be resumed safely.

Results indicate concussion prevention may be possible with sports vision training on the Dynavision D2.

Dynavision therapy session hand pushing button.