Integrated Listening Systems

Multi-Sensory Listening Therapy

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Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapy has a global effect on the brain and central nervous system, strengthening neurological pathways through the auditory and vestibular systems, improving the ability to learn, pay attention and process information.

What is Integrated Listening Systems Therapy?

Integrated Listening Systems is a multi-sensory assessment and training program, which “re-wires” parts of the brain involved with learning, communicating and movement.

IPT’s Physical and Occupational therapists are trained and certified in Integrated Listening Systems Therapy, which is used to improve: learning differences, autism, sensory processing, concentration, memory, balance, coordination, and emotional well-being.

Sally Fryer Dietz Teaching Interactive Metronome

“I have successful students and grateful parents who speak enthusiastically about their children’s successes after being referred to IPT.” -- Katherine Lunde

Background and Benefits

After discovering a sound therapy program in France that significantly improved their daughter’s dyslexia, Dr. Ron Minson and his wife, Kate O’Brian Minson began investigating other audio-based programs, eventually founding Integrated Listening Systems in 2007. Today Integrative Listening Systems is found in over 15 countries throughout the world.

University research and third party data shows that subjects using ILS therapy showed significant improvements in auditory processing, memory, attention and behavior. School data shows that students improved reading skills by an average of 2 years, with just 3 months of therapy.

IPT offers Integrated Listening Systems Therapy for children, adolescents, and adults.

“ doing things his doctors said he would never do.” -- Jenni

Sally Fryer Dietz Teaching Interactive Metronome

How Does Integrated Listening Systems Therapy Work?

The body’s visual, auditory, and balance (vestibular) systems are responsible for understanding and organizing sensory input. Integrated Listening Systems Therapy exercises all three by combining an auditory program with specific visual and balance activities.

This IPT therapist-led program includes balance and audio/visual tracking tools and activities, to improve cognitive ability, sensory processing, concentration, memory, balance, coordination, and self-confidence.

Various ILS programs are available, including the new ILS listening pillow with a built-in bone conduction device that sends a gentle sound vibration directly to the inner ear. The ILS listening pillow is headphone free and is used to reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, and reduce auditory anxiety.