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Interactive Metronome™ (IM) “trains the brain” to plan, sequence, and process information more effectively. Research highlights improvement in executive functioning, reading, fluency of speech, processing speed, attention and impulse control.

What is Interactive Metronome Therapy?

Interactive Metronome™ is the most widely used program in the world for cognitive development and rehabilitation. IM combines the concept of a musical metronome with patented technology that improves the fundamental skills that are essential for learning and development.

IPT’s Physical and Occupational Therapists are certified in Interactive Metronome Therapy, which has been proven to produce significant physical and cognitive benefits including: motor control, coordination, sports performance, language processing, attention, focus, and social skills.

Sally Fryer Dietz Teaching Interactive Metronome

“It is the only neuro-motor therapy tool that can be used successfully with all patients across the therapy spectrum, even those that require total hands-on assistance.” -- Interactive

How does it work?

Interactive Metronome integrates whole body exercises with an audio/visual guidance system that stimulates the brain. The goal-oriented program encourages patients to match the metronome beat with specific hand and foot exercises, and provides real-time feedback in milliseconds.

The difference between the response time and the beat is measured and scored. A low score indicates improved timing and overall performance. Interactive Metronome Therapy generally starts with 12-15 one-hour sessions, completed over 3 to 5 weeks.

IM-Home with remote monitoring is available for over-scheduled or out-of-town families.

Interactive Metronome studies with professional athletes have shown substantial gains in physical and mental athletic performance.

Sally Fryer Dietz Teaching Interactive Metronome

Background and Benefits

Interactive Metronome was originally developed in the early 1990's, to help professional musicians improve their timing and rhythm. IM quickly proved to be of even greater benefit to children and adults with motor development, learning, and attention challenges. Interactive Metronome programs have also been used by professional athletes to improve individual performance.

A study published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, identified five areas of statistically significant improvement with Interactive Metronome Therapy: attention and focus; motor control and coordination; language processing; reading and math fluency; and ability to regulate aggression and impulsivity. IPT offers Interactive Metronome Therapy for children, adolescents, and adults.