Getting Ahead of the Curve

Every child is unique, so we provide a wide array of services 
that can be combined for just the right fit for your child's needs.
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The Schroth Method is an evidence-based, nonsurgical option that uses customized exercises to help the spine return to a natural position.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a three-dimensional curvature of the spine, including both lateral deviations and rotation of spinal vertebrae. Idiopathic scoliosis has no know cause, however it is believed that the sustained posture contributes to progression of the curve.

In treatment, the primary objective is to prevent scoliosis from advancing. Bracing can sometimes be part of the treatment, depending on several factors including age, curvature of the spine and bone health.

Sally Fryer Dietz Teaching Interactive Metronome

“I have a confidence about my life that comes from standing tall on my own two feet.”
-- Jane Fonda

About the Treatment

A physical therapist works as a part of multi-disciplinary team to educate those with scoliosis about their curve, teach curve pattern specific exercises to address lateral and rotary deviations of the spine and improve efficiency of breathing.

Treatment intensity varies and is based on risk of progression, which takes into account the age at which a child was diagnoses with scoliosis, skeletal maturity, Cobb angle and age seen for treatment. Bracing is often an appropriate adjunct to treatment for adolescent boys and girls and will be discussed and recommended if indicated.

The benefits of Schroth Method include:

“It’s given us peace in our home. It’s reduced the anxiety in our family. It’s helped us understand our child.” -- Jennifer

Sally Fryer Dietz Teaching Interactive Metronome

How to Get Started

A copy of a current full-spine x-ray is needed 2 weeks prior to your evaluation. The x-ray will be analyzed to categorize your curve into a specific curve pattern to establish your individualized treatment plan. Once this has been completed, a full evaluation will be performed to analyze posture, muscle imbalances and breathing.